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Hello and welcome (back!) to LiveCamNetwork.com!

We are hard at work re-making our website and software and we are pleased to announce that we have opened it up for trial purposes. Not all services will be available at all times, and this site and especially its links can be changed at any time.

Here are some quick ideas to keep in mind when using LiveCamNetwork. 

You can use any Mac or Windows-PC computer,  and any browser you like. You can also use a Tablet if you like. While LiveCamNetwork will also work on mobile phones,  the graphics and layout are not yet optimized for the smaller screensize so we do not recommend using LCN with a phone at this time.

 A FAST Internet connection speed is recommended for best possible video, but LCN now automatically detects your speed and adjust bandwidth accordingly to give you the best possible balance of image detail, frames per second and sound quality. 

You may now add any amount of US Dollars to your account as you like, and tip as much as you like. We have also done away with "Tokens", meaning that now you can always see exactly what you have in your account balance. 

Spread the word! LCN is nearing the end of the beta test stage and is going Live. Tell your friends!